Non-magnetic tweezers/forceps style SEM Mount Gripper for holding standard grooved pin stub mounts

  • Pin Stub SEM Mount Grippers

    Stainless steel gripper tweezers/forceps specially made for handling and transporting grooved SEM pin stub mounts. Sizes available are 12.7, 25 and 32mm (1/2", 1" and 1-1/4") used in FEI/Philips, Zeiss/LEO, Leica, AMRAY, Cambridgde Instruments, ETEC SEM's.

    Conveniently grasp the grooved head of a scanning electron microscopy pin stub mount.

    SEM Pin Stub Mount Gripper Tweezers, NM, 30° angle, 117mm long, for 12.7mm pin stubs