6 levers, 0.01-0.60N/m, Au Reflex Coating

  • Bruker AFM Probes has introduced an improved version of its popular MLCT AFM probes. Bruker's new line of MLCT-BIO high-quality, performance probes set the industry standard for imaging in fluid and force spectroscopy of biological samples. MLCT-BIO incorporates a larger tip radius and apex angle for consistent cell imaging, and has a proprietary design to improve the success rate of force pulling experiments.

    (Also see model MLCT-BIO-DC for a low thermal sensitivity version of the probe.)

    Get exceptional pulling force curve data sing the MLCT-Bio probes on the new BioScope Resolve!

    Bruker's BioScope Resolve™ BioAFM features the highest resolution atomic force microscopy imaging and most complete cell mechanics capabilities available for use with an inverted optical microscope.

  • Tip Geometry: Pyramidal
    Tip Height: 2.5 - 4.5
    Front Angle: 35 ± 2
    Back Angle: 35 ± 2
    Side Angle: 35 ± 2
    Tip Radius (Nom): 20
    Tip Radius (Max): 60
    Tip Set Back (Nom): 4.5
    Tip Set Back( RNG): 0 - 7
  • All cantilevers have less than +/- 2 deg bend.

    Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 0.55
    Cantilever Thickness (RNG): 0.5 - 0.6
    Cantilever Geometry: Rectangular & Triangular
    Cantilevers Number: 6
    Back Side Coating: Reflective Gold