Low Voltage Resolution Test Specimen, Gold on Carbon 4


  • particle sizes range from 30nm to 500nm

    When operating at low accelerating voltages or using older instruments, difficulties may be experienced in imaging the standard gold on carbon resolution specimens. This may be due to inferior resolution at low voltage or poor signal to noise ratio when operating at high scanning rates with small spot sizes. The larger gold islands give high contrast while retaining small gaps for resolution measurement. This makes the specimen easier to use at non-optimal operating conditions. 6mm dia. x 2mm.

    See mount selection A-Q
  • SEM High Resolution, Gold on Carbon Test Specimens

    Scanning electron microscope (SEM and Focussed Ion Beam (FIB) system resolution is defined in terms of a combination of criteria: resolution and number of gray levels in the image. This is to ensure that the resolution has not been distorted by using too much contrast to maximize visibility of the edges. High resolution images ideally show fine details together with a low noise and a good range of contrast levels. The widely used gold on carbon test specimens are excellent for SEM, FESEM and FIB resolution testing. The gold particles, with superior feature details, generate high secondary and/or backscatter electron signals with excellent contrast against the carbon background. Five different special resolution testing specimens are available with different gold particle sizes for different resolution levels. Available unmounted or conveniently mounted on most common SEMs stubs.

    Store your calibration and test specimens in a vacuum desiccator such as the #16179 PELCO® SEM Sample Stub Vacuum Desiccator.

    PELCO® Technical Notes for Gold on Carbon SEM Resolution Test Specimens (pdf)