• Carbon base, good conductivity, large specimens
    Leit-C-Plast™, 15g

    Leit-C-Plast™ is a conductive adhesive paste that can be molded to provide conductive paths to larger non-conductive samples when mounted on a specimen holder for SEM studies. The plasticity is permanent. It is not affected by high vacuum conditions and shows no peaks in energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis.

    Heavy specimens may also be prepared for viewing in a SEM using Tempfix™ (or the Glue Gun - see details in our non-conductive section) and Leit-C-Plast™. First the specimen is fixed into place with Tempfix™ or the Glue Gun. Afterward, an electrically conductive bridge is made between specimen mount and specimen using Leit-C-Plast™. It is not required to wait for drying because neither adhesive outgasses.

    Leit-C-Plast™ was originally developed for holding specimens on angled specimen holders.
    The adhesive is offered in a roll form and is black. Flat plates are provided for working the material. May be applied with a spatula.