Large Sample Adapters for R-P-T stage


  • Large Sample Adapter for R-P-T Stage

    For temporary conversion into Rotary-Tilting stage, 4" (102mm) OD. Provided with 12 M4 threaded holes and screws to hold two standard 3" x 1" slides or mount samples. Fits over RPT Holder on central spindle.

    8011 - Large Sample Adapter for RPT Stage, 4" (102mm), each

    Cross Section Adapter for R-P-T Stage (geological)

    Holds three geological or petrographic cross sections up to 47 x 27mm. Compatible with 45 x 25mm, 46 x 26mm, 46 x 27mm and 47 x 27mm. Converts R-P-T Stage into R-T Stage. Fits over R-P-T sample holders on central spindle. Diameter is 4" (102mm).

    8011A - Geological Cross Section Adapter for RPT Stage, holds 3 cross sections 47 x 27mm, each