K-kit for Liquid TEM

  • Liquid TEM for Everyone

    The K-kit is a single-use sealable carrier with a microchannel inside.
    It is made by ultraprecise MEMS micromachining from silicon, with a silicon nitride window.
    It fits inside a standard TEM grid and thus into all commonly used TEM holders.

    The K-kit advantage:

    1. Affordable and easy-to-use
    2. No installation hassle
    3. Image nano-objects in native state, no drying artifacts
    4. Sealable carrier takes liquid sample directly to TEM
    5. Fits all common TEM holders
    6. Can preserve the sample for future re-examination

    Now you don’t need to invest tens and hundreds of thousands to see your liquid or wet TEM samples in their native state.
    If you have access to a TEM, you can do liquid TEM.

    Fill, Seal and Observe

    1. The K-kit is easy. Just touch the carrier to a drop of your liquid sample to have it drawn inside by capillary force.
    2. Seal ends with vacuum-proof Torr Seal® glue.
    3. Mount inside a standard grid for TEM.



    Si3N4 thickness: 100nm
    Width: 24µm
    Length: 300µm


    Width: 120µm
    Channel heights available: 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5µm


    Substrate: Si wafer
    Channel walls: Si3N4
    Wafer bonding: SiO2

    Nanomaterials Characterization Using the K-kit

    See the difference: NIST-traceable polystyrene beads in water are aggregated upon drying by conventional
    TEM preparation (left) but maintain their native state in K-kit carrier (right). Scale bar, 500nm.

    CaCO3 nanoparticle additives in milk

    TiO2 and ZnO in sunscreen lotion

    SiO2 nanoparticles in polishing slurry

    Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) in blood

    Tools for Easy Loading and Mounting

    The K-kit container is designed to facilitate K-kit loading and mounting.

    We offer the K-kit as a complete toolbox, set in a deluxe carrying case. The tools, together with the carrier container, are designed to make loading and mounting of the K-kit carrier easy even for an inexperienced user. The toolbox also includes a starter supply of the consumables, everything to get you started doing liquid TEM.

    K-kit Complete Toolbox Set, includes a pack of 4 carriers, 0.2µm

    Included in the Box:

    1. 1 Sample Loading Stand
    2. 1 Holder
    3. 1 Needle Pen
    4. 1 Gluing Stand
    5. 1 pack of 6 glass slides
    6. 1 Accessory Box (contains sealing and mounting glues
      stirring sticks and miscellaneous spare parts for the tools)
    7. 1 4-pack of single-use 0.2µm K-kit carriers.