JN-1 SEM Demonstration Specimens

  • The JN-1 Scanning Electron Microscope Demonstration Standard Specimen demonstration samples on two standard 12.7mm (1/2") pin stubs and a 25mm mounting adapter.

    They allow for demonstrating any SEM at lower magnifications with known specimens. The variety of demonstration samples can also be used for training purposes.

    They are ideal for use on table top SEMs such as the JEOL NeoScope, Hitachi TM-1000/3000/3030, Phenom and Agilent / Keysight 8500 FE-SEM.

    The JN-1 SEM Demonstration Standard is not intended for magnification calibration.

    One pin stub contains six conductive samples including, an integrated circuit chip, metal spheres, small set screw, ductile steel fracture, diatoms and a TEM grid.

    The entire stub is coated with ~20nm of Au:Pd to ensure conductivity on all samples.

    The second stub contains five non-conductive samples including an integrated circuit chip, paper, glass spheres, fabric and diatoms.

    This stub is not coated for conductivity and is useful to demonstrated low-vacuum SEM imaging, charging and back-scattered electron imaging.

    The pin stubs are directly compatible with SEMS made by FEI/Philips, Zeiss/LEO, Cambridge Instruments/Leica, Tescan, CamScan, Amray, Agilent and Aspex.

    The 25mm (1") cylinder stub adapter holds the pin of the pin stub with a spring loaded set screw and does not require tools to secure the pin stub.

    The cylinder adapter is compatible with virtually all JEOL and Hitachi SEMs. On the bottom of the cylinder there is a 4mm internal thread compatible with Hitachi SEMs. It is recommended to handle the pin stubs with pin stub grippers which will fit the groove on the pin stubs. Store the SEM demonstration standard in a dust-free and dry environment.

  • JN-1 Conductive Sample Images

    JN-1 Non-conductive Sample Images