JEOL JCM-7000 NeoScope™ Stage Adapter Kit

  • The JCM-7000 NeoScope™ Benchtop SEM Adapter Kit includes two different length pillars (23 and 38.1mm) whose tops are fitted with M4 screws. Any of the M4 treaded sample holders (if dimensions are compatible with SEM) can be attached to these pillars. The height of the sample, plus holder, above the stage adapter, should not exceed 50mm. Therefore, the choice of pillar length would depend on sample height, with shorter samples needing the longer pillar and taller samples the shorter pillar. The pillars go into the stage adapter and are held by a set screw so that the height can be adjusted. A height gauge is also included with the kit to verify the sample is at the correct height. A separate M6 adapter is included so that the stage adapter can be used with the optional threaded rods, #15373-2, 15365-2, and 15374-2, for further versatility.

    JEOL JCM-7000 NeoScope™ Stage Adapter Kit Technical Notes (156KB PDF)