GSB-100 Storage Box for FIB Lift Out Grids

  • GSB-100 Storage Box for 100 FIB lift out grids or storing standard 3mm TEM grids flat.
    No adhesive in tray (made from ABS). Cavity size is 3.34 x 3.34 x 1.5mm (0.13" x 0.13" x 0.06"). Complete with clear polystyrene lid and clear polypropylene clip. Stackable.

    Overall size is 55 x 51 x 10.7mm (2.16" x 2" x 0.42")

    1. GSB-100 Storage Box for 100 FIB Lift Out Grids, each

    PELCO® FIB Lift-Out TEM Grids – Available in Cu, Mo and Si

    The PELCO® FIB Lift-Out TEM Grids have been designed for in-situ lift to attach the TEM lamellas milled out by SEM/FIB or FIB systems. The design has been optimized for access and flexibility. The nominal diameter of the sturdy PELCO® FIB Lift-Out Grids is 3mm. These grids fit an all standard TEM holders and provide a full view of the thin section attached to the posts.