Glue Gun


  • low temperature model

    Glue Guns provide practical adhesive uses for certain applications. Leo Barish’s papers referenced below and others not mentioned cover this subject.

    16068, 16068-2 SDS (205KB PDF).

    A thermoplastic glue stick is used with a gun-type design to melt the glue and allow its application, for example, to an SEM specimen mount. Heavier and/or larger specimens, which might move during study when held with a tape or disc adhesive, will hold firmly in place when this type of adhesive is used to "seat" the specimen. Carbon coating the specimen and the adhesive will permit an electrical discharge path. A lower temperature range (100° to 120°C / 212°- 248°F) is preferable, such as our model 16068 to avoid possible damage to heat sensitive specimens. (Normal temperature for standard high temperature glue guns is in the 190° to 210°C / 374° to 410°F range). The glue hardens quickly so the specimen should be positioned promptly upon glue application. If repositioning is required, the glue may be softened with the Glue Gun..

    Porous specimens such as felt with a poor discharge path may accept a track of glue over its surface to reduce such static. Granular specimens may be sprinkled onto the hardening surface.

    16068 - Glue Gun, Low Temperature, each

    16068-2 - Glue Sticks, Ø .437" x 4" L (Ø 11mm x 101.6mm L), Low Temperature, pkg/20