Glass Filled Delrin® Pliers

  • Glass Filled Delrin® (POM) - Excellent resistance to moisture, solvents, gasoline and other natural chemicals. Can withstand temperatures up to 250°F (120°C). Not suitable for gamma sterilization.

    These light weight tweezers and pliers are non-absorbent, have a positive, gentle grip, are non-magnetic and the tips do not open when extra pressure is applied.
    They resist acetone, alcohol and most acids.
    Static dissipative (carbon fiber reinforced) versions are available for most models.
    Ideal for sample preparation, microscopy, etching, electronics, instrumentation, laboratories, forensics and delicate wafer handling.
    Especially useful for handling scratch- sensitive specimens and components, cleaning and etching processes.

    Plastic Pliers

    Glass Filled Delrin® Pliers, serrated jaws, 13.8cm, white, holds tubes securely, resists acetone, and alcohol

    These pliers resist many chemicals and are not electrically conductive. Thermal conductivity is very low.