Gilder Grid Compact Storage Box


  • These convenient smaller 25-grid storage boxes are for experiments that require fewer grids, for those users who prefer to have a separate grid box for each experiment or sample. Intended for both routine grid handling and long term storage, they also make a low cost alternative for multi-user facilities. The plastic material contains a special anti-static additive.

    The ergonomic design of the grid box with side tabs to allow it to be firmly gripped on either side while sliding the cover back on the box to reveal the grids a row of five at a time provides easy access to your grids. Additionally one side tab has a matte finish that is ideal for notation with a Fine-tip Lab Marker.

    Dimensions: 56mm L x 36mm W x 6mm H

    1. Gilder Grid Compact Storage Box
    2. Gilder Grid Compact Storage Box, numbered