Gilder Finder Grid

  • Gilder Finder Grid

    Each of the 60 square grids is identified using a base two binary numbering system. The six binary number symbols appear on the bottom grid bars along the horizontal axis. Zero is represented by a short pillar and one by a longer pillar. The enlarged section shown is of grid square no. 9 - a long pillar at the extreme right represents decimal 1 and a long pillar fourth from the right represents decimal 8.
    Pitch= 250µ; Bar width vertical axis= 40µ;
    Hole width, vertical axis= 210µ.
    Gilder Finder Grids, 3.05mm O.D., 100 mesh

    1. Gilder Finder Grids, 3.0mm O.D., 100 mesh, Copper, 100/vial

    Reference/Finder Grids
    for Transmission Electron Microscopy

    A selection of TEM grids with reference patterns to enable relocating a particular grid area. Theses grids are known as reference, locator, finder or index grids. A number of different patterns have developed with either symbols or alphanumeric coding to quickly find a specific field. The locator or finder grids enable quick and easy checking of a particular feature at a later time or on another TEM. Exact grid square definition is a requirement in forensic and asbestos analysis. Another feature of the reference TEM grids is that when moving around on the grid, earlier found features or particles can be easily relocated. All reference grids are available in copper, some in gold or nickel.