DUMONT High Precision Grade Tweezers 4


  • SS, NM-SS, PTFE coated SS, CS. Available in 16 styles and many finishes. Suitable for most general laboratory use.
    SS= stainless steel, NM-SS= non-magnetic stainless steel

    DUMONT High Precision Tweezers for electron microscopy, electronics, forensics, histology, and general laboratory use.
    Includes fine pointed, strong, PTFE coated, slim, short and cutting tweezers.

    Prod #
    Description Style Length Metal Points
    Width x Thickness
    5621 DUMOSTAR High Precision 4 110mm SS 0.13 x 0.08mm
    5721 DUMOSTAR High Precision 4 110mm NM-SS 0.13 x 0.08mm