DUMONT Clamping Ring Medical Tweezers

  • Patented DUMONT Clamping Ring on Tweezer. ("sc" stands for "sliding clamp")

    1. Can be sterilized at 180°C in autoclave
    2. Clamping-unclamping done by allowing the ring to slide backwards or forwards by its own weight
    3. Clamping-unclamping can also be done by tilting the tweezer
    4. The clamp allows an adjustable pressure on the tips
    5. Retaining clip on the tweezer holds clamp to the rear of the tweezer when desired
    6. Satin finished, Biology points
    Prod #
    Description Style Length Metal Points
    Width x Thickness
    38825 DUMONT High Precision 5 110mm SS, Polished Finish 0.10 x 0.06mm