DUMONT Anti-Capillary Reverse (self-closing) Tweezers Biology Grade 5ACN


  • SS, NM-SS, 4 styles. Reverse with one bent tip to avoid water capillarity

    These anti-capillary, reverse (self closing) and regular tweezers are great for handling transmission electron microscopy grids. The picture above shows the anti-capillary tweezer holding an electron microscopy grid. The tweezers tips are shaped and aligned to pick up less moisture when removing grids from a liquid. The top (bent) tip meets the bottom(flat) tip at a slight distance behind the point, thus forming a small lip which supports the grid and allows it to be picked up without twisting.

    Please note: The tips are delicate and can become misaligned. Gentle finger pressure on the blades can be used to realign the tips. There is no guarantee against breakage of the tips for any of the anti-capillary style tweezers.

    a great electron microscopy tweezer

    Prod #
    Description Style Length Metal Points
    Width x Thickness
    510-5 DUMONT Biology 5ACN 108mm SS 0.06 x 0.02mm
    510-5NM DUMONT Biology 5ACN 108mm NM-SS 0.06 x 0.02mm