• the "forever" desiccant for a variety of applications.

    DriCan® is a small, perforated canister containing 40 grams of indicating silica gel. The case is lightweight yet strong, designed to withstand years of use. The desiccant content has a reversible action. Once it has adsorbed all the moisture it can hold, indicated by a color change from blue to pink, it can be regenerated easily with a conventional oven. After regeneration, DriCan® will be capable of readsorbing its full capacity. This cycle can be repeated over and over again, making DriCan® the "forever" desiccant. Sufficient material to protect up to 3 cubic feet (85 ltr) of enclosed space.

    DriCan® Reusable Desiccating Canisters have several distinct advantages:

    1. Reusable over and over
    2. Regenerated easily with a conventional oven
    3. High moisture capacity
    4. Easy to use

    Safe for all Products.

    DriCan® has no harmful effect on material with which it comes in contact. The content is chemically inert, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and odorless. DriCan® can be used to dry the air in all types of moisture-resistant containers and packages including glass jars, air-tight cans, plastic pouches, tool boxes, wall safes, display cases and many more.
    Dimensions: 55 x 102 x 13.5mm (2.16" x 4.0" x .53")
    Contains 40 grams of active silica gel.
    SDS (129KB PDF)
    PELCO® Technical Notes - Facts and Information about Indicating Desiccant (282KB PDF)