Dow Corning® High Vacuum Grease

  • High vacuum grease, general lab lubricant use

    Dow Corning® High Vacuum Grease is a stiff, non-melting silicone lubricating material which has temperature range of -40ºC to 200ºC. Although it has a good stability at the higher end of the temperature range than most hydrocarbon greases, it shows a higher outgassing rate at room temperature. It can be used for high vacuum systems up to the 1x10-6 mbar (1x10-6 torr) range. Due to its initial outgassing, it is recommended to condition vacuum system before use. Not for use in electron microscopes. Also not recommended for use in evaporators which need to be Si free. The Dow Corning® High Vacuum Grease is the equivalent product to Dow Corning® 976 of 976V High Vacuum grease. Other applications include lubricant for glass stopcocks, glass joints, glass rubber connections and O-rings on binoculars. Shelf life is 60 months from date of manufacture for unopened containers and stored at normal warehouse conditions.

    SDS (318KB PDF)

    Technical Notes: 891-7 DOW CORNING Silicone HV Grease TN.pdf (16KB PDF)

    Dow Corning® High Vacuum Grease, 150g tube