CS AFM XYZ Calibration Standard

  • AFM XYZ Calibration Standard, mounted on a 12mm AFM disk

    The CS-20NG represents an advanced XYZ calibration grid that enables reliable calibration of AFM systems down to the nanometer level. The XYZ calibration standard features silicon dioxide structures on a 5x5mm silicon chip. The calibration area is in the middle of the chip and can be easily located by the optical system of the AFM. The structure step height is in the range of 20nm. The actual height value will be supplied with the delivered calibration standard. CS-20NG has three different x-y array sizes, all with the same 20nm height. The large 1x1mm square contains square pillars and holes with a 10µm pitch. The middle square contains circular pillars, holes and lines with a 5µm pitch. The small central area contains circular holes with a 500nm pitch. The CS-20NG is suitable for both lateral and vertical AFM scanner calibration. The structure symmetry enables calibration in one step without the need to rotate the sample between X- and Y-calibration.

    Vertical accuracy is 2% of the actual value which corresponds to ±0.4nm. The lateral pitch accuracy for the 5µm and 10µm patterns is 0.1µm. For the 500nm pitch region, the lateral accuracy is 10nm.

    The XYZ calibration standard is mounted on a 12mm, standard AFM disc using a high quality electrically conductive epoxy resin.