Crystalbond™ Adhesive Stick


  • Crystalbond™ Mounting Adhesives

    Wash away adhesives are ideal for temporary mounting of products that require dicing, polishing and other machining processes. They exhibit high bond strength and adhere readily to metals, glass and ceramics by melting with heat. When processing is complete, the adhesives are removed by reheating and cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

    Typical Applications:

    1. machining advanced ceramics
    2. lapping and polishing optical components
    3. dicing ceramic substrates and semiconductor wafers
    4. dicing ferrites, glasses and piezoelectrics
    5. dicing metal and optical single crystals
    6. mounting cross-sections for electron microscopy
    7. backfilling components for temporary mechanical support

    Crystalbond™ 509

    Provides excellent adhesion and minimizes clogging of diamond tools compared to waxes. They are transparent in thin cross-sections. Soluble in acetone, odorless, non-flammable, biodegradable and may be rinsed in water.

    Crystalbond™ 555 & 555-HMP

    A low melting point adhesive for moderate stress machining processes. It is transparent in thin cross-sections and is soluble in hot water. 555 has a Flow Point of 120ºF (54ºC); 555-HMP is 150ºF (66ºC);

    Crystalbond™ 590

    A high strength, resilient adhesive system, ideal for doing miniature and tall parts. It is soluble in methanol or IPA.
    Type 509-1   |   509-3 555   |   555-HMP 590
    Trade Name Crystalbond™ Crystalbond™ Crystalbond™
    Form Stick Stick Stick
    Size 7/8" dia. x 7" 1/2" x 1" x 7" 5/8" x 1-1/4" x 7-1/2"
    Weight ~0.2 lbs./stick ~0.19 lbs./stick ~0.44 lbs./stick
    Flow Point °F (°C) 250 (121) 120 (54) / 150 (66) 302 (150)
    Viscosity, cps 6,000 500 9,000
    Color Light Amber   |   Clear White Brown
    Solvent Acetone Water Methanol or IPA

    Crystalbond™ 509-1, 90g, light amber

    Crystalbond™ 509-3, 90g, clear

    Crystalbond™ 555, 68g

    Crystalbond™ 555-HMP, 68g

    Crystalbond™ 590, 200g

    PELCO® Technical Notes, Crystalbond™ Adhesive (PDF File)
    SDS for Crystalbond™ 509-1 and 509-3, Prod. No. 821-1 and 821-3 (192KB PDF)
    SDS for Crystalbond™ 555, Prod. No. 821-2 (189KB PDF)
    SDS for Crystalbond™ 590, Prod. No. 821-4 (182KB PDF)
    SDS for Crystalbond™ 555-HMP, Prod. No. 821-6 (98KB PDF)