Carbon Planchets


  • Spectroscopically pure carbon Grade 1 (graphite) planchets with total impurities equal to or less than 2ppm with each single element 1ppm or less. Trace elements can be Si, Al, Fe, Mg, Ca or B. The carbon discs have a fine ground finish on one side; 0.80µm (32µ inches). All carbon planchets are 1.6mm (1/16") thick. Sizes from 10 to 32mm diameter to fit all styles of SEM pin and cylinder mounts varying from 10 to 32mm diameter.

    Properties of Grade 1 Carbon
    Density 1.58 - 1.63 g/cm³
    Hardness 30 - 35 Shore
    Electrical Resistivity 58 - 71 멵m
    Flexural Strength 24 - 31 MPa
    Tensile Strength 22 MPa
    Compressive Strength 48 MPa
    Thermal Expansion 1.9 x 10-6/°C
    Porosity 28 - 30%
    Purity Impurities < 2ppm

    -Carbon Planchets, 9.5mm, for JEOL 9.5mm mounts

    - Carbon Planchets, 10mm, for JEOL 10mm mounts

    16502-Carbon Planchets, 12.2mm, for JEOL 12.2mm mounts

    -Carbon Planchets, 12.5mm, for JEOL 12.5mm mounts

    16500 - Carbon Planchets, 12.7mm, for pin stubs

    16505 - Carbon Planchets, 15mm, for Hitachi and ISI/ABT/Topcon mounts

    16508 - Carbon Planchets, 18mm, for 18mm pin stubs

    16510 - Carbon Planchets, 25.4mm, for large pin stubs, JEOL metallographic mounts and Hitachi 25mm mounts

    16512 - Carbon Planchets, 32mm, for large pin stubs, Hitachi and JEOL mounts