Carbon Mount, Hitachi, Int. Thread (M4), 15mm dia.


  • All our carbon SEM specimen mounts are made from spectrographically pure, the highest purity grade, graphite rods. Total impurity level does not exceed 2ppm and typically less than 1ppm per element. These mounts are ideal for analytical SEM and microprobe work since the only element which can be detected with EDS or WDS systems in their specimen mounts is C. Both electron and X-ray absorption is much higher than compared with the standard type aluminum or brass mounts, so there will be a much lower level of background radiation in X-ray spectra. The mounts also have a lower level of electron scattering, so they are a better choice when background contribution should be low. A cost-efficient alternative are our carbon planchets which can be attached to standard aluminum SEM specimen mounts.

    MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet for all Carbon and Graphite products (95KB PDF)

    To keep the carbon mounts and samples clean use our SEM storage boxes.