Carbon Discs on Pin Stubs


  • Carbon planchets with a 1.6mm thickness mounted on standard pin stubs, supplied in the #16709 pin mount storage box. Convenient and ready to use. Provides a durable and economical solution for SEM/EDS microanalysis or low emission surface backscatter imaging applications needing light element surface. Surface roughness of the carbon discs is 0.05-0.01um, material is spectroscopically pure carbon with total impurities less than 2ppm. The aluminum stub underneath the carbon disc provides more rigidity that the carbon stubs. Available for 12.7, 18 and 25.4mm (1/2", 0.7" and 1") pin stubs. Sold in storage box with 10 of the 12.7mm pin stubs and 8 of the 18 or 25.4mm pin stubs.

    16530 - Carbon Discs Mounted on 12.7mm Pin Stubs, Box of 10

    16532 - Carbon Discs Mounted on 18mm Pin Stubs, Box of 8

    16534 - Carbon Discs Mounted on 25.4mm Pin Stubs, Box of 8