Bulk Storage & Hybrid Cryo Grid Boxes

  • These innovative grid boxes from NanoSoft eliminate several drawbacks of conventional cryo grid boxes.

    The Hybrid Grid Box design is the first Cryo-EM sample storage box that has dedicated pockets for both unclipped grids and AutoGrids. This optimized design securely cradles both 4 autogrids and 4 unclipped grids while also allowing for easy placement and removal from pockets. Upon clipping, the AutoGrid can be shifted to the autogrid pocket directly across from the unclipped grid pocket, allowing for simplified vitrification workflow.

    The Bulk Storage Grid Box design has a pocket with 12 slots that are optimal for cradling 12 autogrids - an entire cassette of autogrids - in one grid box. Furthermore, the slots can also hold unclipped grids securely. The first of its kind grid box can be used to store an entire 12-grid cassette of samples, from vitrification through to cassette loading, drastically improving storage density and sample traceability, and reducing storage complexity and grid box inventory requirements.

    Both styles are available in 6 different colors and permanently laser-marked with serial numbering to provide easier sample traceability. These grid boxes come supplied in packs of 12 with transparent pin-type lids for easy visibility of samples. Each are compatible with all of our grid box handling tools/grippers, such as products #160-46, #160-48, #160-50.

    160-55 Hybrid Cryo Grid Boxes with Pin Type Lids - pkg/12
    160-56 Bulk Storage Cryo Grid Boxes with Pin Type Lids - pkg/12