Braycote® Micronic 803 and 803 Vacuum Grease


  • perfluoroether greases
    wide temperature range
    low volatility
    ultra-high vacuum applications

    Braycote® Micronic 803 is filtered for ultimate cleanliness. It will provide the kind of purity required for use with vacuum systems employing LaB6 filaments.

    It is stable under high vacuum and has a temperature range of -63°C to 232°C (below -80°F to >499°F). 803 Micronic was developed for applications involving long-term exposure where high temperature or hard vacuum is expected. It is acceptable for clean room applications..

    Standard Braycote® 803 has nearly the same specifications and does withstand high temperatures and is used for hard vacuum. Both types exhibit excellent shelf life because of their inertness. They are white colored and odorless. Lubricity for both types is retained under these adverse conditions..

    SDS (136KB PDF)
    Technical Notes: Braycote® Micronic 803 and 803 Vacuum Grease (243KB PDF)