BEEM® Blocklock™ Specimen Storage Modules System

  • BEEM® Blocklock™ Mounting Panel with cover

    Are your lab benches and drawers crowded with petri dishes and pill boxes full of various sized blocks? Do you wish you could neatly catalog, file and store all those blocks in one convenient place? If so, we have the solution to your storage problem.

    Now you can organize and safely store all of your specimen blocks with the BEEM® Specimen Storage System 2000™. Can be stored vertically on a shelf and fits into standard 3-ring binders.

    Covered mounting panel 141-5 fits into standard 3-ring binders

    The four BEEM® Blocklock™ storage modules (141-1, 141-2, 141-3, 141-4) have peel off adhesive backing. They may be used, without peeling off the backing, in the individual plastic boxes or the backing may be removed so they can be adhered to the mounting panels 141-5.

    The mounting panels, with clear cover, fit into a standard 3-ring binder (not supplied). (We recommend the use of a “D-type” 3-ring binder for best results).
    A 1" binder accommodates two BEEM® mounting panels and a 1-1/2" binder will hold three mounting panels.

    The BEEM® Blocklock™ specimen storage modules incorporate an innovation that allows blocks to snap into cavities specially designed to retain them so they cannot be inadvertently dislodged.

    Diagrammatic cross-section of blocks in BEEM® Blocklock™ modules

    Proper method for inserting a block into the flat BEEM® Blocklock™ module