Background Buster


  • Peptide blocker for removal of background staining

    For use in: Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence, In-situ probe staining

    Background staining or non specific staining is a common problem in immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and in-situ probe staining reducing the signal to noise ratio. Background Buster is a peptide blocker that eradicates all general background staining caused by primary antibodies, staining reagents, chromogens, fixatives, and endogenous biotin. Background Buster is used in place of normal sera and other blocking agents for removing background in both animal and human tissue staining. Eradicating background, thereby increasing the signal to noise ratio is important for obtaining background free specific staining for the ease of qualitative and quantitative evaluation of staining procedures.

    Note: Nonspecific staining due to red blood cells is caused by endogenous peroxide enzyme in the red blood cells. This type of background requires a pre-treatment step with 3% hydrogen peroxide in water. This blocking step should precede the blocking step with Background Buster.