Aluminum Conductive Tape, Single Adhesive Surface


  • single coated conductive adhesive

    This tape is dead soft conductive aluminum, is easily cut to size and may be quickly applied to a specimen mount or other surface. Carbon or metallic coating normally is applied to the sample and mount. An electrical discharge bridge is then completed from sample through the aluminum and its conductive acrylic adhesive to the grounded specimen mount. Foil Thickness: 0.05 mm (2.0 mil). Total Thickness (foil + adhesive): 0.081mm (3.2 mil). Electrical Resistance through adhesive: 0.010 ohm. Available in: 6.3mm, 12.7mm and 25.4mm W x 16.4m L (1/4", 1/2" and 1" x 18 yrd). Core diameter is 76mm (3").

    Technical Notes, Aluminum Conductive Tape, Single Sided (64KB PDF)
    SDS (108KB PDF)