PELCO® Gold Coated Glass Coverslips

Unit Size

  • High quality, borosilicate glass coverslips coated with 50nm of gold with a 5nm chromium adhesion layer between the coverslip surface and the gold coating. Can be used for a wide range of nanotechnology, biotechnology and AFM application. Both Cr and Au are evaporated on the glass coverslips using a vacuum evaporation system. The gold surface is not atomically flat, but has bumps in the nm range. The coverslips are sold in packs of 2 and are packed in an X0 Gel-Pak box. The gold coated coverslips are autoclavable.
  • Glass coverslips size: Ø16mm with thickness #1 (0.13-0.16mm) or 22x22mm with thickness #2 (0.19-0.25mm)
    Glass type: Schott D263M borosilicate
    Chromium adhesion layer thickness: 5nm
    Gold substrate layer thickness: 50nm (±5nm)
    Gold purity: 99.999%

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