300nm Pitch High Resolution 2D Calibration Standard for SEM


  • 300nm 2D SEM, Auger and FIB Reference Standard, Certified, Non-traceable, Unmounted or Mounted

    Period: 300nm pitch nominal, two dimensional array accurate to ±1nm. Calibration certificate will give the actual pitch of the standard.
    Surface Structure: Aluminum bumps on Silicon, 4x3mm die: Bump height (about 50nm) and width (about 150nm) not calibrated.
    Usability: The calibrated pattern covers the entire chip. There is sufficient usable area to make thousands of measurements without reusing any areas contaminated or altered by previous scans.
    AFM: Use in contact, tapping and other modes with image sizes from 500nm to 20nm. Mounted on a 12mm steel AFM disk.
    SEM: Auger, FIB: Can be used for a wide range of accelerating voltage (1kV-20kV) and calibrates images from 5kX to 200kX. Can be supplied unmounted or mounted on an SEM stub of your choice, SEM Mount Selections A-R.
    Certification: Supplied with a non-traceable manufacturer's certificate stating average pitch, based on batch measurements. See Sample Certificate