Tin on Carbon on Grid, High Magnification


  • SEM Resolution Test Specimens; Tin on Carbon

    Tin spheres on carbon a very useful for SEM, FESEM, FIB astigmatism correction due to their nearly perfect round shape. Tin on carbon is also used instead of gold on carbon where gold is not allowed in the SEM, FESEM or FIB, such as in semiconductor applications. The round tin spheres are particularly useful for testing image quality, distortion, contrast, brightness and probe size. Available in three versions for low, medium and high magnifications.

    Tin dispersed on the surface of a carbon substrate supported by a 3mm tabbed copper slot grid (slot size 0.4 x 2mm), with a use range of around 3 - 60nm. Tin spheres are easy to locate on the side of the slot. The comparative thinness of the supporting grid allows for your specimen and the tin sphere standard to be a the same level. Available unmounted or mounted on a specimen stub of your choice.

    See mount selection A-Q