Pelcotec™ LMS-20 Low Magnification Calibration Standard


  • The Pelcotec™ LMS-20 Calibration Standard has been specifically designed for precise low magnification calibration and specimen stage calibration. Useful for large area particle analysis, GSR analysis, low magnification SEM applications, and LM applications with reflected light. Useful in the 5x to 1000x magnification range.

    Specifications are:

    1. Total calibration area is 20 x 10mm with crossed lines and 0.01mm divisions
    2. 75nm Cr lines on ultra-flat silicon substrate
    3. Cross hairs showed at every 0.1mm with larger cross hairs at 0.5 and 1mm over the complete area
    4. Serial number etched on each Pelcotec™ LMS-20 calibration standard
    5. NIST traceable version is Pelcotec™ LMS-20T (batch level certificate provided)
    6. Individually fully certified version is Pelcotec™ LMS-20C (individual certificate included)
    7. Si die size is 22 x 11mm with a thickness of 675µm +/- 10µm, <100> orientation
    8. Boron doped silicon wafer with a resistivity of 5-10 Ohm/cm
    9. Available unmounted or mounted on larger SEM specimen mounts

    To avoid contamination of test and calibration samples, we recommend storing these under vacuum. For the SEM pin mount, the #16179 PELCO® SEM Sample Stub Vacuum Desiccator would be ideal.

    Also available for transmitted light microscopy as LMS-20G

    See information on SEM mounts

    NIST Traceable Pelcotec™ LMS-20T Calibration Standards.
    688-1 LMS-20T Sample Certificate of Traceability (221KB PDF)

    Individually Certified Pelcotec™ LMS-20C Calibration Standards.
    688-11 LMS-20C Sample Certificate (302KB PDF)