6 levers, 0.01-0.50N/m, Au Reflex Coating

  • Bruker's Sharp Microlever (MSNL) probes are the industry standard forhigh-performance imaging with TappingMode in fluid.  These probes marrythe sharpness of a Silicon tip with the low spring constant and highsensitivity of a Silicon Nitride cantilever, for an unprecedented levelof high-resolution and force control on just about any sample, in anymedium.  The unique design of each MSNL probe includes six cantileverswith varying degrees of force constants and resonant frequencies,providing enough versatility to cover a large majority of sample types.

    The MSNL cantilever layout is identical to that of the other MLCT products,with an "A" cantilevers on one side of the probe, and "B," "C," "D," "E," and "F"cantilevers on the other side of the probe.  See the cantilever orientation diagram here.All cantilevers on the MSNL probes have <2 degrees of cantileverbend, making them ideal for use on all Bruker and non-Bruker AFMs.

  • Tip Geometry: Rotated (Symmetric)
    Tip Height: 2.5 - 8.0
    Front Angle: 15 ± 2.5
    Back Angle: 25 ± 2.5
    Side Angle: 22.5 ± 2.5
    Tip Radius (Nom): 2
    Tip Radius (Max): 12
    Tip Set Back (Nom): 4
    Tip Set Back( RNG): 0 - 7

  • Cantilever Material: Silicon Nitride
    Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 0.55
    Cantilever Thickness (RNG): 0.5 - 0.6
    Cantilever Geometry: Rectangular & Triangular
    Cantilevers Number: 6
    Back Side Coating: Reflective Gold