Ceramic Tip Tweezer, Flat


  • 5 styles. SS handles with zirconia ceramic tips. Anti-magnetic, non-conducting, chemical resistant, heat resistant (1000° C), lightweight.

    These precision zirconia ceramic tipped tweezers are useful for many applications where an anti-magnetic, non-conductive (both heat and electricity), and chemically resistant tweezer is needed. They are light weight, contamination-free, solder-resistant and wear-resistant. The surface electrical resistance is 1012 ohms and the tips will withstand a temperature of 1000°C. We also offer full body Zirconia Ceramic Tweezers.

    Prod #
    Description Style Length Metal Points
    Width x Thickness
    5029-6 Ceramic Tip Tweezer, flat 2A 137mm Stainless Steel 0.2 x 0.6mm
    5029-6-T Replacement Ceramic Tips for 5029-6 - 1 pair