PELCO® Conductive Gold Paste


  • PELCO® Conductive Gold Paste, 2g - resistant to oxidation and retains measurement integrity over time

    Price Includes a $7.00 Hazardous Handling Fee

    Gold paste is fast drying and useful for analytical analysis over time where a high signal is desired. The gold is in microfine form and contains organic binders and a solvent. Dries at room temperature. Not intended for permanent use, but for testing and temporary work. Sheet resistance is .02 to .05 ohm/sq @ 1 mil thickness. Contacts hold down to very low temperatures (Refrigerate for best life. Bring to room temperature gradually. Approximate calculated specific gravity 3.18g/cm3.

    Technical Notes, PELCO® Conductive Gold Paste (74KB PDF)

    F, I - 16022 SDS (152KB PDF)

    Conductive Adhesives Comparison Table



    Cg Suspected Carcinogen
    C Corrosive
    F Flammable
    I Irritant
    L Lachrymator
    O Oxidizing
    R Radioactive
    S Sensitizer
    T Toxic
    U Unlisted as hazard; unknown hazard if any