Nickel / Chromium FIB and Ion Beam Sputter Standards

  • Ion Sputter Standards manufactured to the highest precision for calibrating the sputtering rate of sputter ion guns. Thin films of Nickel/Chromium (Ni/Cr) are available, to calibrate sputtering rate.

    Consisting of 12 alternating layers: 6 layers of Cr (~53nm) and 6 layers of Ni (~64nm) for a total thickness of ~700nm with a maximum variation across the 75mm production wafer of ±2%. Standard is on a 10 x 30mm section of a polished silicon wafer. The mass density of Cr and Ni was measured using electron beam excitation and measuring characteristic X-ray intensities.

    Nickel / Chromium Ion Sputter Calibration Standard, Ni / Cr (12 layers) on 10 x 30mm Si