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Over 25 years ago, the leadership of SFR identified a need in the marketplace. Canadian university, government, industrial and health sciences institutions demanded faster, more accurate and more reliable technology for greater visibility into the molecular world.

So we listened.

We forged exclusive strategic partnerships with market leaders in innovative, top-quality technology. We developed a unique sales, support and service cycle for our products. And we put it all together into the seamless, all-inclusive customer experience we offer today.

25 years later, we’re still listening.

SFR also actively contributes to the 
scientific community by supporting Students for Research.

We’re proud to support Pueblo Science, whose mission is to inspire and engage youth in science and engineering. We sponsor educational events, workshops, and industry initiatives, all in the interests of promoting dialogue, research and discovery.

Strategic Partners

​SFR is the exclusive Canadian partner for leading manufacturers of the world’s most robust surface characterization and material analysis tools. More than sales representation, we build exclusive, collaborative industry partnerships that give our customers unrivaled access to the most innovative technology and service providers in the world.

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